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Adorable Baby Orangutan Tantrum: A Heartwarming Tale from Pairi Daiza Safari Park

In the lush environs of Pairi Daiza safari park in Belgium, a 3-year-old baby orangutan named Berani has captured the hearts of many with a tantrum that is as relatable as it is entertaining.

During what was supposed to be playtime, Berani’s mother, a 16-year-old orangutan named Sari, decided that it was time to move on. This decision was met with a rather humorous fit of protest from young Berani, who was not ready to leave the fun behind.

The full episode was caught on camera by photographer Koen Hartkamp, who described the scene: “Just like all small children, Berani still has to listen to what mom says even though he’s getting a bit more independent. Judging by the picture, he didn’t like it.”

Sari, demonstrating a mother’s patience, firmly held Berani by the arm and relocated him to another part of the enclosure. Berani’s defiance was short-lived. Soon after his amusing tantrum, he was seen cozily wrapped under a golden blanket, sipping water from a fountain.

Berani, along with his parents Sari and Ujian, moved to Pairi Daiza in 2017 from Germany. March 21, 2020, will mark Berani’s fourth birthday, an event that the park staff and visitors eagerly look forward to celebrating.

In 2019, for Berani’s third birthday, the park staff shared joyful images of him enjoying a delightful birthday treat on their Facebook page. They celebrated with his favorite seeds and a carrot cake decorated with fruit and rose leaves.

The park’s staff did not forget Sari’s birthday either. When she turned 16, Pairi Daiza celebrated with an enrichment activity involving boxes filled with seeds and fruits, and cozy sheets and blankets which the orangutans cherish for playful hiding activities.

Beyond the adorable antics and heartwarming celebrations, Pairi Daiza safari park plays a vital role in conservation. One of their main missions is raising awareness about the detrimental effects of deforestation, particularly due to palm oil plantations, which pose a significant threat to the habitats of species like orangutans.

Berani, Sari, and Ujian are Sumatran orangutans, a critically endangered species with about 7,500 individuals remaining in the wild. Orangutans are known for their intelligence, using tools to gather food and possessing a rich repertoire of body language for communication. Efforts to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures have never been more crucial.

As per the World Wildlife Fund, the future of orangutans is in our hands. With dedicated conservation efforts, like those at Pairi Daiza, we hope to secure a thriving future for these incredible primates.

For more delightful animal stories and conservation efforts, stay tuned to updates from Pairi Daiza and support wildlife preservation.

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