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Astonishing Ballet: Mesmerizing Flight of a Buffalo Eluding a Lion’s Trap

This athletic buffalo proved he’s no easy catch after leaping TWO METRES in the air to escape a lion’s bite.

The epic battle between the angry buffalo and hungry lioness unfolded in front of stunned gamekeepers at the Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa.

Watch the video at the end.

The herd of African Buffalo had been feeding on the open savannah when the pack of lions approached them.

Not ready to surrender: The buffalo makes a massive leap, and the lioness turns the tables as she attempts to grab the buffalo in mid-air but gets a hoof to the face for her pain.

And the group looked on in amazement as one lioness stalked up to a pair of buffalo.

But after being caught off guard, the aggressive bull successfully gave the sneaky lion the slip by jumping more than 6 ft in the air to escape.

And despite a show of impressive animal athleticism on both sides, the buffalo managed to flee the predator’s jaws and make a final dash for safety.

Stalking: The lioness eyes up a couple of buffalo across the grassy plain

Panic: The buffalo spot the predator and split as one dashes for safety

Cornered: As one buffalo darts around and escapes, the second faces the end of the line as it comes nose to nose with the lioness

The whole clash happened right before park ranger and keen wildlife photographer Jacques Matthysen as he patrolled the South African plains.

Jacques, 36, of Kenton-on-Sea, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, said: ‘It’s not often that the buffalos manage to escape the grasp of a lion, but this was a unique way.

‘It was a fantastic escape and very good for the buffalo to pull away.’

Pounce: The lioness lunges at the terrified buffalo, striking out with a powerful paw; it seems there can be no escape

Cleared: The buffalo escapes the lioness’ grasp and makes a frantic sprint for safety

Watch the video below:

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