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Cub’s day out: Adorable baby lion and tiger cubs play fight and wrestle (Video)

Nothing melts hearts like seeing baby animals play, and this video of two unlikely animal friends frolicking together is no exception. Captured at a wildlife sanctuary, the footage shows an tiny lion cub and tiny tiger cub enjoying one of their first adventures in the wide open space together.

Watch the video at the end.

Though they come from different big cat species, the two young cubs appear to already be best buds. They tumble and wrestle together, pouncing on each other and play fighting just like kittens. It’s easy to see the lion cub sees the tiger cub as a perfect playmate – the two are nearly identical in size and energy level. Their romps look entirely joyful and gentle as they explore their powerful little paws and claws on one another.

Between bouts of pouncing and rolling in the grass, the cubs take breaks to nuzzle and lick one another, expressing natural affectionate behaviors even at this young age. Their soft baby fur sticks up in playful disarray after an active morning of games together. It’s a sweet sight to see these natural enemies acting more like siblings in their bonding antics and play.

As the cubs begin to tire themselves out, their play fighting becomes more gentle swatting and resting together in a sunny spot. One can’t help but smile watching the unique friendship between these two young wild cats as they enjoy innocent childhood without awareness of the boundaries that typically separate their species. It’s a heartwarming glimpse into babyhood for unusual animal allies.

Watch the video at the end.

For a sweet pick-me-up, be sure to check out the full video to witness even more adorable play antics between this unlikely animal duo. It’s a wonderful reminder of childhood innocence and the natural bonds of friendship that can form between all young animals.

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