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A coastal adventure: Bear cubs experience the beach for the first time in breathtaking 4K (Video)

Captured in stunning 4K resolution, this clip from BBC Earth’s “Seven Worlds, One Planet” takes viewers along on an unforgettable journey with a family of bear cubs. As spring arrives in Kamchatka, Russia, the young bears venture to the seashore, encountering the vast ocean for the very first time in their lives.

Watch the video at the end.

Led by their protective mother, the three cubs tentatively step onto the sandy shore, noses working to take in the unfamiliar scents and sights. Waves crash along the surf, catching the cubs off guard with their roar. They scramble back to their mother’s side, still unsure of this powerful new element. But with her reassurance, they gradually grow bolder in their explorations.

The cubs discover piles of kelp and scamper to climb and play on them. Tastes of strange seashells are licked and investigated. Rolling waves that reach the shore pull the cubs in, and they learn this is not a threat but a novel sensation. Under watchful eyes, they bravely wade a few paws into the chilly water. Their mother allows this new experience while keeping them safe.

As the sun begins to set, the bears gather once more before heading inland, their first day at the coast coming to an end. Though the cubs were clearly uncertain and curious about the powerful ocean, their mother’s steadfast care helped them enjoy testing the unfamiliar in a protected way. This breathtaking footage offers a rare glimpse into that special natural moment for a bear family.

Watch the video.

For a scenic visual experience, be sure to watch the full video to follow these bear cubs’ memorable first visit to the seaside. The breathtaking 4K footage from BBC Earth offers an unparalleled glimpse into family life for Kamchatka’s coastal bear population.

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