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A gift for good neighbors: Woman provides hammock sanctuary for visiting bear family (Video)

In this heartwarming video from The Dodo, a woman documents her unique relationship with the black bear family that regularly passes through her rural property. Wanting to make the area more welcoming for her furry guests, she devised a solution that has delighted them all summer long.

Watch the video at the end.

Observing that the bears seemed to enjoy lounging in trees on her land, the woman installed a sturdy hammock between two trunks. Footage shows her setting it up and waiting to see if the bears would make use of the new addition. Sure enough, they soon discovered the cozy nook.

Clips from her trail camera capture the bears, including playful cubs, sprawling out to rest in the hammock together. It has become a favorite refuge for the family during travels. Their comfort in the woman’s presence shows the positive relationship she’s built.

By providing a sanctuary where the bears feel safe relaxing on their journeys, this small gesture has enhanced the experience for both humans and wildlife in the area. It’s a heartening example of coexistence through compassion and care for shared natural spaces.

Watch the video at the end.

This sweet video offers a glimpse into the positive relationship between this woman and her unusual backyard neighbors through a simple act of kindness toward wildlife. Her thoughtfulness helps all creatures who venture through the shared landscape.

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