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When the tables are turned: Police help rescue massive bear stuck in dumpster (Video)


In a reversal of roles, this video from The Dodo shows law enforcement coming to the aid of a rather large wildlife subject – a huge black bear that found itself trapped inside a metal dumpster. Footage from officers’ bodycams captures the whole unexpected situation.

Watch the video at the end.

The officers respond to a call about noises coming from the dumpster behind a restaurant. Lifting the heavy lid, they are shocked to find an enormous adult bear crammed uncomfortably inside. It lets out stressed grunts and struggles to turn around in the confined space.

With patience and teamwork, the cops work to shimmy the dumpster and help guide the frustrated bear backwards out of the small opening. It’s a slow process to maneuver the huge animal to freedom without injuring it or themselves.

Finally, the bear emerges, apparently no worse for wear after its ordeal. It shakes off and looks ready to beat a hasty retreat back to the forest. The officers express relief at the successful rescue of an unexpected subject in need.

Watch the video.

An entertaining real-life reversal, this video shows how humans and wildlife can sometimes cooperate when an animal finds itself in a precarious situation. Kudos to these officers for coming to the rescue of an unlikely dumpster diver!

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