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Meet Boris! Adorable moments with a playful baby bear cub (Video)

For a sweet dose of cute animal antics, look no further than this charming video introducing Boris, a baby bear cub being raised at an animal sanctuary. Still young enough to be bottle fed, Boris is a ball of playful brown fur with an undeniably endearing personality.

Watch the video at the end.

The footage shows Boris in his element, full of energy and curiosity. He bats at toys, rolls around, and wrestles with keepers who have clearly gained his trust. Boris’ favorite thing seems to be cuddling with his caretakers, nuzzling close and giving big panda-like yawns. His clumsy yet exuberant movements as he explores are utterly charming.

When it’s time for one of Boris’ bottles, he eagerly drinks it down while being held with gentle affection. His tiny paws grasp and kick with enthusiasm during the meal. A sequence showing him waking from a nap is especially sweet, as his bleary eyes and little bear sighs are incredibly endearing. It’s easy to see how Boris has won many hearts!

As the video wraps up, Boris is back to playing, tumbling over toys and squeaking his pleasure. He displays all the cheerful exuberance and fun-loving personality of a young bear just enjoying childhood’s adventures. Boris’ charming antics are sure to brighten anyone’s day and put a smile on faces.

Watch the video at the end.

For an adorable animal pick-me-up, be sure to check out the full video featuring more of Boris’ playful escapades. His enthusiasm and charm are certain to brighten your day!

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