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“Cute and Funny Bears Waving to Visitors at a Game Farm Near Seattle” (Video)

Have you ever wished you could get up close and personal with bears without any danger? This video gives us a glimpse into a unique game farm just outside of Seattle that allows interactions between bears and humans in a safe, fun way.

Watch the video at the end.

The Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge is home to several black bears who have been rescued from unsafe situations. Rather than being released back into the wild, the owners have created a spacious, natural habitat for the bears where they can live freely but still be cared for. A unique feature of this refuge is the “bear waving” experience it offers to visitors.

As seen in this video, several of the bears at Rolling Hills have learned that when people gather at the fence of their enclosure, they will often get a treat if they stand up on their hind legs and wave their paws. It’s clear the bears really enjoy this daily interaction and showing off for the amused onlookers. Their playful nature and lack of fear of humans shows how well the refuge staff have cared for and socialized these animals.

One of the most entertaining bears to watch is a younger female bear they call “Daisy.” In the video, she is constantly running back and forth, waving and dancing on her hind legs to get the attention of the visitors. It’s easy to see why this has become a very popular Instagrammable experience for families and wildlife enthusiasts visiting the Seattle area. Both children and adults alike can’t help but laugh and feel joy watching these adorable bears in their element.

While black bears are generally not considered dangerous, interactions with them in the wild still require caution. However, at Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge, visitors can relax knowing the bears are well-fed and have a close relationship with their human caretakers. Getting to see their charming personalities up close makes the refuge a unique way for people of all ages to learn about and appreciate these majestic woodland creatures in a safe, educational environment.

For those wanting to experience the “bear waving” for themselves, Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge is located just outside of Seattle in Granite Falls, Washington. Be sure to check their website or social media for current operating hours and admission fees before visiting. The refuge also has other rescued animals on site like foxes, deer, and birds of prey. An outing there is sure to create lasting memories and bring smiles with its charming wildlife ambassadors like the waving bears.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the fun-loving bears at Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge near Seattle. Be sure to check out the original video at the end to see their charming antics for yourself! Let me know if you need any other YouTube videos converted into blog posts.

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